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Informatics Competitions as eInclusion activities for seniors (H-Universum)

Published on: 16/12/2007

Inforum for many years has been fighting for seniors to be equal citizens of the Information Society. In the course of the "Grandparents-Grandchildren Informatics Competitions", which became a tradition, it had been proven that this event, which is based on the connection of technology and human beings, not only allows the playful competition between generations, but promotes the development of Information Society. The competition calls the older generation's attention to the huge opportunity of the Internet, which keeps seniors active. In addition the competition calls the attention of decision-makers' to how not to deal with elderly issue merely as a welfare political issue, but as a question of quality of life. We ask the children at the competition to help to get the grandparents through the gates of the Information Society.

Policy Context

In Hungary 3.5 million people are over 50. While this generation really needs the help that the World Wide Web provides: e-business, information-provision, democratic public life, fight against loneliness, they hardly use Internet. Most advanced adults don't take advantage of Internet even though it could help them to remain in the labor market, could prevent psychosomatic diseases, decrease solitude, assist in remain within social and public life. Internet could provide the cheapest way of access to information, culture and entertainment, to keep and to advance quality of life.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Our experience is that Hungarian senior citizens need motivation programs to join the information society. They need adult education programs to learn computer skills as well. But there is not enough learning place in Hungary for elderly people.

Scope: National