Published on: 23/11/2009

The main goal of the IT-huis is to diminish the digital divide by making technology more accessible for the digital disadvantaged. We try to reach this goal with four entangled projects:

  • iSchool: we stimulate schools to organize ICT-courses for parents and grandparents and support them to establish these courses. In these courses they learn basic ICT-skills so they can support their (grand)children with their schoolwork.
  • iBuurt: we support projects in different neighborhoods who work with those groups that are disadvantaged. We can provide free equipment (laptops, beamer, etc), train-the-trainer sessions, learning resources, etc.
  • iThema: every month we translate a complex subject. We develop a brochure that shows step by step how to use certain technologies and websites (for example: Gmail, online banking, etc).
  • iBib: organizations who work with those groups who are disadvantaged can rent equipment for free: 40 laptops, 1 beamer, 1 camera, 1 video, 10 headphones, etc.

Technology solution

Technology choice: Standards-based technology

Lessons learnt

The first evaluation takes place in December 2009 (to evaluate the actions between September 2009 - December 2009)

Scope: Regional (sub-national)