MyWeb trainging course for adult learners (MyWeb)

Published on: 25/11/2007
The ‘myWeb’ course is a Government initiative aimed at reducing the digital divide. This initiative was launched in 2003. The myWeb is a training programme designed to address the ICT literacy needs of adult learners. The course is spread over 20 hours with 10 hours on IT foundations and basic computer applications, how to browse the Internet and use of the email. It is supported with a step-by-step manual either in English or Maltese. The primary objective of the ‘myWeb’ course is to involve people who to date, still shy away from learning computer skills. This course provided participants the opportunity to expose themselves to technology investments. At the end of this course, participants will learn to use basic computer applications as well as the internet.

Policy Context

The Ministry’s strategic objectives and main responsibilities are to address the digital divide at all levels in society, and simultaneously improve and enhance the quality of life of the citizens. The Ministry’s ICT strategic priorities are focused on developing the Maltese information society and economy at a local and international level and strengthening the diffusion of ICT in Government.

Description of target users and groups

The target group consisted of anyone who is non-ICT literate with varying ages from as young as 22 to 80 years of age.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

The MITC has established agreements with the NGOs that run the Community Technology Learning Centres, wherein MITC supports financially the NGOs to run the myWeb course amongst other ICT literacy programmes

Technology solution

In delivering the myWeb training programme, PC labs equipped with PCs and Internet connectivity and a projector are used.

Main results, benefits and impacts

The ‘myWeb’ course has been offered for the past 3 years, wherein about 12,000 people participated in this programme. The average age of participants ranged from 45 to 55 years, and this confirms, the attainment of the programme objective in reaching the middle-aged and the elderly with an ICT Awareness course. The myWeb course has targeted different target groups from all social backgrounds and ages. Future ICT literacy programmes will target specific target audiences, including women, elderly and substance users amongst others, and the training offered will be customised according to their needs.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Track record of sharing

The myWeb is entering the third year since it was first offered. Over 12,000 persons have followed this course and persons are still apply to attend this course. The dissemination efforts were carried out initially by the MITC on a nation-wide scale, and continued by the Community Technology Learning Centres themselves which are well placed and integrated in the communities on a regional scale.

Lessons learnt

Lesson 1 - The quality of the curriculum offered must be high, and updated regularly. Lesson 2 - Tutors selected to deliver ICT literacy programmes should be selected carefully keeping in view the target groups whom are targeted. Lesson 3 - Education and awareness must be effective and clear to entice people to understand the course offering and ensure high participation rates. Scope: National