Nederlands aan het Werk (NAHW)

Published on: 01/12/2008

ITpreneurs has demonstrated risk-taking behaviour and leadership to develop an innovative and effective learning solution for the target audience of the new Civic Integration Act in the Netherlands. Within the new Integration Act there are two types of exams for two different target groups: one with the work profile and the other with the child-raiser profile. In 2007, ITpreneurs developed an innovative solution, "Nederlands aan het Werk", to prepare immigrants in the work domain for the Integration Exam. This blended course, a combination of e-learning, television, classroom, practical assignments, coaching and an Exam Preparation Guide and is currently recognised as the most effective way to learn and prepare for the exam. Over 20 major educational institutes in the Netherlands use NAHW to educate their learners. In 2008, ITpreneurs developed another course to prepare immigrants for the exam (child-raiser domain). Besides the proven, successful basic elements used earlier — e-learning, television, etc. — we also introduced new elements aimed at enabling child-raiser participation in Dutch society. To achieve this, we developed an innovative environment and learning material that includes a virtual neighbourhood, a participation game, a participation guide and a measurement tool.

Technology solution

Technology choice: Mainly (or only) open standards

Main results, benefits and impacts

After only 1 month of its introduction, several subject matter experts have already recognised the course as outstanding. The results are clear, well measured and outstanding. Nederlands aan het Werk is currently the market leader, with 8,000 learners throughout the Netherlands using our course material to prepare for the exam. The students like our material and consider this material very effective to prepare for the exam and integrate with Dutch society. Impact on Policy Makers and Local Governments: Our learning solutions help the national and local governments achieve their goal of integrating immigrants into Dutch society. Impact on Students: Our learning solutions help students learn at their own pace. The high-quality study material provided helps the students understand the topics better and learn in a practical way. Impact on Dutch Society: Both our products lead to a better understanding of Dutch society, helping foreigners participate in society in a better manner. This will eventually benefit the entire society. Impact on Training Providers: Due to the large amount of self-study material offered in our courses, training providers are able to execute their course better and in a more cost-effective way.

Return on investment

Return on investment: €500-999,000

Track record of sharing

Both learning solutions have been co-funded by ITpreneurs and large institutes for vocational education based in the Netherlands. The course for the work exam profile (Nederlands aan het Werk) was co-funded by three large vocational institutes: ROC Einhoven, ROC Midden Nederland and ROC Albeda. ROC Mondriaan in the Hague co-funded our solution for the child-raiser exam profile. Besides funding partners, we also collaborate with knowledge partners or subject matter experts for courseware development. Our partner for both our integration courses is the University of Amsterdam, which has a department specialised in Dutch as the second language.

Lessons learnt

The benefits of collaborating with several educational institutes and the university is the expertise that comes with it .Another benefit is the possibility of the educational institutes acting as pilot partners for our new products. This gives us the opportunity to test all our materials and systems before going to market. All this leads to products of very high quality and guaranteed success for our existing and future customers.

Scope: International, National