NO: Results from a study on visually impaired people's ICT usage

Published on: 06/03/2008
Last update: 04/07/2008
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Studies about the diffusion and use of ICT among the visually impaired show that this group experiences more significant problems with this type of use than the rest of the population.

The project was financed by the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform, the National Centre for Documentation on Disability, the Delta Center and the IT Funk programme in the Norwegian Research Council. The project has carried out a number of different activities, such as literature search, focus group meeting and a qualitative interview-based study of 28 visually impaired ICT users.

The focus in this study has been on the use of PCs and, to some extent, on that of other electronic artefacts and technologies in everyday life, such as mobile phones, ATM, ticket machines, queue ticket systems, etc.

In order to shed further light on the research issues, the informants were interviewed and observed while carrying out different, clearly defined tasks. The results were analysed and presented in the present report. The report identifies several barriers, among others that several of the most popular Norwegian web sites (also public) are not in practice accessible for the blind.

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