Stimulating ICT Learning for Active EU Elders (Silver)

Project Silver has implemented a systemic approach which identifies an innovative didactic ingredient, a trans/inter-disciplinary and generational element aiming to solve the new form of illiteracy and to contrast the risk of a social and communicative caesura between the young and the elderly.

Project Silver aims to create a sustainable continuous learning programme for the adult population and pursue the following objectives:

  • Train the elderly population with the skills and resources necessary to benefit from ICT;
  • Renew traditional learning and teaching processes for students and teachers (21st Century Education);
  • Implement local social inclusion policies with an approach that involves various actors, including: schools, elderly centres and other organisations that work with the elderly.

Technology solution

Technology choice: Standards-based technology

Lessons learnt

The opportunities of the Internet seem to be very stimulating for older people than just the PC functions and programmes. The elderly that have attended the courses have different cultural background and life experiences, but they share a strong motivation and curiosity for this "new world" and the opportunities it can bring to their lives.

Scope: International
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