Supporting Vocational Education and Training of Disabled People (e-Access II)

Published on: 19/08/2009

The eAccess II project aims to provide the technical infrastructure (tools and services) and to deliver training for developing and sharing Accessible e-Training Resources and e-Training Courses that can be reusable between different e-Training Platforms and Programmes.

The main outcomes of the eAccess II project will be:

  • The transfer of know-how across Europe on producing accessible e-Training Resources and Courses and providing e-Training services to People with Disabilities.
  • The validation of the eAccess key results/outcomes in different European Settings.
  • The transfer of innovative e-Training practices across Europe.

The envisaged impact of the eAccess II project is the awareness rising on digital literacy and equal training opportunities for People with Disabilities, as well as facilitating the development of innovative practices in the field of vocational education and training other than at tertiary level, and their transfer, including from one participating country to others and supporting the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies, and practice for Lifelong Learning.

Description of target users and groups

People with disabilities:

  • People with low vision
  • Colour blind people
  • Motor disable people

Technology solution

Technology choice: Standards-based technology, Mainly (or only) open standards, Accessibility-compliant (minimum WAI AA), Open source software

Lessons learnt

Accessibility Metadata can help the process of reusing eTraining Resources/Courses with limited extra effort when specialized authoring tools are available.

The available eAccess II Web Repository for search and retrieval of eTraining Resources/Courses, promote the reusability of eTraining Resources and Courses.

The available eAccess II Web Repository for search and retrieval of Accessible eTraining Resources, facilitate eTraining Courses Suppliers in developing their own Accessible eTraining Courses.

In Vocational Training of People with Disabilities physical presence and interaction with a Tutor is mandatory, especially in the case of visually impaired people.

The available eAccess II Web Repository for search and retrieval of eTraining Courses, promote the reusability of eTraining Courses and facilitate eTraining Providers in defining their eTraining Programmes.

Scope: International