The HAIVISIO Reference Framew…

The HAIVISIO Reference Framework in the design of action plans for Health, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects and guidelines for competent institutions

Published on: 15/10/2015

The HAIVISIO project has been investigating the impact of innovative technologies related to Health, Active Ageing and Independent Living, and how to measure it. The impact of a project is quite related to communication, dissemination, exploitation and sustainability challenges of it.


Starting from a representative list of on-going projects, and by interviewing their representatives, HAIVISIO conducted an impact assessment which considered both quantitative and qualitative methods, with a participatory approach in order to achieve a good understanding of stakeholder real perceptions of impacts.


In the last years, some tools have been created to organise the information about a project in order to conceive business models for projects, with the aim of considering all the business aspects. One of the most influential has been the Business Canvas Model. Other methodologies, like HTA (Health Technology Assessment) summarizes information about the medical, social, economic and ethical issues related to the use of health technology, but are quite detailed and does not allow to compare similar parameters between projects that are very different, and can be used only by experts.


During the development of the HAIVISIO project, socio-economic aspects like the economic impact on society have also been considered. How can be better organise the information and models underneath the projects and their assets so that we can communicate, disseminate and exploit them effectively? A systematic, holistic and continuous improvement on the approach to communications and dissemination was needed in order to enhance project development pathways and strengthen project outcomes. During its project lifetime, HAIVISIO has developed some useful tools in order to understand other important factors.


As soon as you start to consider the whole panorama of factors, it looks clear that we need to be very systematic! Complex emerging market and diverse audiences, building of confidence for investors, collaborative project environment / opportunities and -responsibilities, Management of continuity pre-, during and post-project, think of the project as a coherent whole and as an organic development, being specific and centred – but keeping directions and options open … You need a model that is both coherent and consistent; both effective and efficient; both targeted and tailored; but, above all, creative & differentiating


The ‘Reference Framework’ tool developed by HAIVISIO can help model the developing assets and results across your projects into an integrated information platform as a base for communication and dissemination actions. It is a con-current and dynamic single source of project content to support communications and dissemination actions that is organised in a systematic way.


The model is a matrix of 6 rows and 6 columns with cells that have to be completed. In this way, we can be sure that we are not forgetting any of all the aspects that must be considered. The rows can be understood as different perspectives, different stakeholders, different scopes, or different levels of detail about the project. The columns address different interrogatives or questions in relation to model representations. They indicate the primary elements of communication of the project both internally and externally.


The HAIVISIO Reference Framework can help to design an action plan for on-going Health, Active Ageing and Independent Living projects on their future activities, and it is also very useful for competent institutions when used to analyse a significant group of projects to build a set of recommendations and guidelines to enhance the implementation of the outcomes of a variety of projects.