Italy’s ICT skills gap not cl…

Italy’s ICT skills gap not closing, study shows

Published on: 20/01/2016

In Italy, the gap between workers’ available ICT skills and required ICT skills shows no sign of closing, according to a study by Italian ICT and telecom trade groups. An inventory of available ICT skills shows that workers in public administrations are lagging far behind those in the commercial sector. In the latter, workers have attained some 71% of the required ICT skills, in public administrations this figure standst at just under 40%.

Italy needs a long-term strategy for improving ICT skills, the study concludes.

The report, published on 15 January, is promoted by the Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AGID) - the country’s Agency for the Digitalization of the Public Sector.

On-the-job training

Public administrations are well-aware of the impact of the digital transformation, and consequently of the need to adjust skills, the report concludes. On average, civil servants are trained in ICT skills four days per year and most computer expertise is acquired on the job.

Following the report, the ICT and telecom trade groups are asking for legislation to close the gap between ICT skills taught in schools and universities, and those required by companies and the public sector. A national digital education platform could help, by introducing new academic courses and by promoting trainings.


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