URI template for LegislativeProject, LegalActivity and others classes of resources

Published on: 07/03/2019
Last update: 21/07/2020

(DONE in ELI-DL "Final1")

As we have URI template for ELI LegalResource, would it be possible to propose in the standard URI templates for LegislativeProject, LegalActivity and other classes of resources ?


Fri, 15/11/2019 - 14:59

Dear Colleagues,

in Poland we indend to extend ELI URI as follows. Our current URI is


where "DU" identifies the official journal and "ogl" means "as published".

Projects will be identified by the body which carries the procedure and by the natural identifier currently used, thus:


identifies the project in the lower chamber of the parliament ("Sejm") of the 8th term (2015-2019) that was initiated by a parliamentary document no. 3858. Legal activities will have their code appended, so


will identify the first reading and


may identify the recorded voting results after the first reading.



would identify the project that is proceeded by the government (council of ministers) during the 8th term of the parliament. UD/476 is the current identifier of governmental documents.

We will now try to use the ELI DL ontology to define ELI URIs for other artefacts (draft works etc.).

Please comment :-)

Jarosław Deminet

Sat, 16/11/2019 - 10:35

Dear Jaroslaw,

This subject was discussed during the last ELI task force meeting in Roma. Thomas Francart and I should submit a proposal for Draft Legislation URI template, I hope before end of December.

Best regards