Digital Government Benchmark - Study on Digital Government Transformation

This benchmarking study has been produced for the European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government (ELISE) Action of the ISA² Programme. The work complements other studies looking at trends in ICT related to the public sector.

In particular, the work has analysed existing frameworks and definitions of Digital Government and the Digital Transformation of Government and proposed a new maturity model for Transformation and a related definition for ‘Digital Government’. Gaps identified by the study relate to the notion of capacity building to accompany digital transformation and enablers of transformation, including human capital, technical infrastructure, and digital skills, as well as the uptake of technologies.

The study illustrated Digital Transformation of Government with a series of case studies in several domains, where we learned:


(1) the importance of the context of a Digital Transformation Initiative: the outcomes of an initiative are influenced by the political, organisational and technical opportunities and threats;

(2) the drivers and the link with the key motivations of Digital Transformation;

(3) the relation between the different themes – and their levels of maturity - used in the proposed Framework to qualify this transformation. 

Further research should explore managing change and developing capacity and skills. There is also a need to look further at the reasons and means of transformation, including the technologies involved and the key motivations for change and leadership of initiatives. Researching the benefits of digital transformation and the role of the ecosystem could also be explored, also from a social or policy perspective, as well as how policy opportunities can support the higher levels of transformation.


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