Energy & Location Applications

Report: Supporting the design and implementation of a regional energy strategy

Published on: 15/07/2021
Last update: 21/07/2021

Final report of the ELISE Energy & Location Applications Use case "Supporting the design and implementation of a regional energy strategy".


Cover_page_D4The main problem addressed by this report is the lack of data and of documented data flows supporting the design and implementation of a regional energy strategy. The scarcity of existing documentation/best practices focusing on the role that geospatial data and technologies - particularly INSPIRE data - can play in the context of a regional energy strategy is also tackled.The report provides insights on three main aspects of the problem:— It provides an overview of the territorial competences in the field of energy in the Member States (national vs regional), as well as a summary of the public data sources potentially relevant to a regional energy strategy;— It presents a deep analysis of a real case of regional energy strategy, consisting in the Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy of Castilla y León (EEE-CyL-2020) in Spain;— Based on the previous analyses, it explores the potential of harmonised and interoperable geospatial data, including from the INSPIRE Directive, to support the regional energy policy cycle in the European Union.A key message is that creating or renewing a regional energy strategy could greatly benefit from location interoperability. Location interoperability can facilitate data sharing for better cross-sector modelling, considering the potential interlinkages between the different strategic sectors in the region and the implemented measures. This cross-sectoral modelling would allow capturing how changes occurring in a specific sector may impact other sectors.

How to cite this document: Hernandez-Moral, G., Vallejo-Ortega, E., Ramos-Díez, I., Ferreras-Alonso, N., Serna-González, V., Valmaseda, C., Martirano, G., Pignatelli, F., Vinci, F. ELISE Energy & Location Applications: Use Case “Supporting the design and implementation of a regional energy strategy” – Final Report , EUR 30774 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2021, ISBN 978-92-79-40354-8, doi:10.2760/300138, JRC124886.


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