ELISE Webinar: 3D City Models to Predict Energy Heat Demand

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Published on: 08/06/2021

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How to efficiently predict the energy heat demand by 3D city models?

Approximately 40% of the primary energy consumption in Europe is somehow related to its consumption in buildings. Therefore, a vital need exists to improve the energy efficiency of the building stock. In particular, predictions of the heat demand at the building level for an entire district or city could provide valuable support to different stakeholders involved in the energy efficiency policy cycle. However, these predictions are affected by the lack of standardised calculation methodologies and harmonised and interoperable building data needed to perform energy simulations.

The poor comparability of the predictions is ultimately drawing back, caused by different calculation methodologies, input building data of varying accuracy, heterogeneous encoding of input/output data and different ways of representing/visualising output data.

Augmented reality

The webinar aims to share the results of a methodology developed to predict energy heat demand at the building level for an entire district or city. The methodology builds on the inputs of 3D buildings data in CityGML format and weather data implemented and tested in 5 city areas of 4 different EU countries.

The webinar aims to share best practice of digital platform for the smart management of infrastructures being currently implemented at national level, but easily reusable in other countries.

In this webinar, Giacomo Martirano, consultant at Joint Research Centre, Volker Coors from Institute of Applied Research HFT Stuttgart and Gemma Hernández Moral from CARTIF Foundation will walk us through:

  • An overview of ELISE Energy & Location Applications
  • State of the art of energy heat demand predictions
  • How different data sources and different simulation environments affect energy heat demand predictions

From this webinar, different stakeholder groups may benefit:

  • Public Administrations involved in energy policymaking at the regional/local level.
  • Businesses working in energy renovation of buildings, utility companies, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs).
  • Building/building unit owners/tenants.



This webinar is a part of a series of "Webinars and events" performed by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre under the ELISE ISA² Action. These webinars aim to quickly engage with new topics of relevance to the location interoperability, the digital transformation of government and socio-technical developments in this arena and to share the results and outcomes of ELISE action.

The webinar will take place on 17/06/2021 at 14h00 CEST (UTC+2).


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