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ELISE Webinar: Achieving Location Interoperability - Lessons learnt from the ELISE Action and future perspectives

Published on: 12/04/2022 Event Archived

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Lessons learnt from the ELISE Action and future perspectives

Interoperability Benefits
The European Commission has put digital transformation at the heart of its policy agenda with its Communication on Europe’s Digital Compass.

Location data and technologies play an important role in Digital Government Transformation and providing digital public services. They can be leveraged for digital services and applications and policy assessments for public authorities, businesses and citizens

Location interoperability is essential for public authorities to harness the full potential of location data and technologies. Organisations, systems and devices can exchange and use location data with a coherent and consistent approach.

On 28 April, ELISE Webinar" Achieving Location Interoperability - Lessons learnt from the ELISE Action and future perspectives" will present the main highlights and findings obtained through the activities of the ELISE Action in achieving Location Interoperability. The event will also give an overview of key achievements, challenges and next steps for the location Interoperability, considering the overall trend of ELISE Action during these years.


ELISE Action
During the last five years,  the European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government (ELISE) Action has worked hard to facilitate more efficient cross-border and cross-sector digital interaction by enabling digital government through the use of location data and location Intelligence.

To close ELISE’s Action journey, on 28 April 2022, a webinar with the title “Achieving Location Interoperability - Lessons learnt from the ELISE Action and future perspectives” will be organised to showcase the main findings and  Action contribution toward achieving location interoperability.

Various speakers will cover the following aspects:

  • What is Location InteroperabilityWhy the focus on Location Interoperability? What is in it for me?
  • Main findings: what benefits do location Interoperability bring? What are the remaining challenges hampering achieving location Interoperability?
  • How has the ELISE Action supported Location Interoperability? What are the key achievements and success stories that can be highlighted?
  • How to go from here? Recommendations,  possible next steps and future perspectives  for Location Interoperability

Participants and guests from various sectors will have the chance to:

  • share experiences on Location Interoperability, 
  • express how they benefitted from the ELISE Action, and 
  • share their views about future perspectives.

This webinar is a part of a series of "Webinars and events" performed by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre under the ELISE ISA² Action. These webinars aim to quickly engage with new topics relevant to location interoperability, the digital transformation of government and socio-technical developments in this arena and to share the results and outcomes of ELISE Action. 

The webinar will take place on 28/04/2022 at 14h00 CEST (UTC+2).


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