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ELISE's API4INSPIRE at the GO-PEG Workshop “a step towards High Value Datasets”

Event date:
Published on: 28/10/2020

The GO-PEG , is a European funded project aiming at providing access to harmonised thematic open datasets and their corresponding metadata in areas such as environment, emergency and disaster management.

The project is organising a virtual workshop on October 29th – 09:00 AM titled “a step towards High Value Datasets”.

It will deal with workflows and data requirements for data harmonisation

Gopeg Project

The Joint Research Centre, member of the advisory board of the GO-PEG project, will be presenting the evolution of environmental data sharing in Europe. During the workshop, the GO-PEG use case "geoCOVID watch" will be also presented, exploiting some of the outcomes of the ELISE activity API4INSPIRE which aims to investigate new developments in geospatial standards and technologies, foremost the new OGC APIFeatures and OGC SensorThings API.


  • GO-PEG project overview and updates
  • GO-PEG cases outline
  • Detailed presentation of “COAST” and “geoCovid Watch” use cases
  • Questions and Answers

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Date: The GO-PEG Workshop 2020 will be held on October 29th – 09:00 AM

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