Design sucessful workshops with the new Workshop Pack!

Check out the ELISE Workshop Pack to design sucessful workshops

Published on: 10/08/2021
Last update: 26/08/2021

The ELISE Workshop pack is an active learning tool that invites participants to question the role of geospatial data in their organisations by gaining knowledge, raising awareness and creating synergies.

The workshop pack is a stand-alone tool designed to empower facilitators to build their own workshops and can be reused in any domain.




The Workshop pack is easy and flexible to use as it consists of interchangeable building blocks -and a pool of activities to choose from. It adapts according to the audience knowledge, the workshop objectives and the experience level of the facilitator.  

The tool has been designed to facilitate workshops with public institutions and the combination of the public and private sectors.

Conveniently, it provides useful guides and recommendations to adapt the activities to physical and virtual settings.


You are invited to explore the online version with all the activities ready to use or download the full Workshop Pack document.

The ELISE Geo Knowledge Base Service aims to exchange knowledge and experiences with its community by co-creating reusable and innovative solutions.

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