ELISE action at the online INSPIRE Conference 2020

ELISE action at the online INSPIRE Conference 2020

Published on: 20/05/2020
Last update: 08/06/2020

The ISA2 action "European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government" (ELISE) will be present at the INSPIRE 2020 Online Conference taking place 3-12 June 2020.

INSPIRE Conference

Titled “Bringing sustainability and digitalisation together", the Conference will focus on sustainable digitalisation (digital transition) and digital sustainability (social, economic and environment) – in line with the EU Commission’s reflection paper Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030. The Conference will address both, how digitalisation could help towards a more sustainable Europe, and what are the environmental issues and risks with digitalisation. The Conference will allow also looking at the latest digital developments and how they interact with data ecosystems.

As part of the ISA2 Programme, the ELISE action - Enabling Digital Government through Geospatial and Location Intelligence will bring its contribution to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive and to the way forward, showing how the role of location interoperability as well as location intelligence, data ecosystem and artificial intelligence are central to both digital transition and digital sustainability.

In fact, although the legal INSPIRE Roadmap is coming to its end, however the evolution of related infrastructure will continue. In order to make this process successful, ELISE is committed to contribute to its sustainability in collaboration and partnership with other actors beyond the initial scope of the Directive.

ELISE will be present at the following 8 out of 31 webinars of the INSPIRE Conference:

  1. Co-innovation with public-private sector data ecosystems (June 3, 11:00*) will discuss how public and private sector collaboration and new advances in technology can fuel innovation in location-enabled data ecosystems, together with the implications for future SDI developments;
  2. The role of smart cities in meeting objectives of the Green Deal (June 4, 11:00*) will showcase smart city data services and digital twins of cities using INSPIRE data, in support of the environmental and climate objectives of the Green Deal, and discuss the governance model of urban data and the potential role of Artificial Intelligence in helping smart cities meet the objectives of the Green Deal;
  3. Energy & Location (June 5, 11:00*) will show the benefits of re-using INSPIRE principles of geospatial data interoperability to support stakeholders engaged in energy policies’ lifecycle;
  4. Statistics and geospatial information – on a common path towards sustainability and digitalization (June 8, 09:00*) will present and discuss the current state of play and perspectives of statistics and geospatial intelligence both at national and European level including EU Gazetteer Evaluation Project conducted under the ELISE action;
  5. INSPIRE Reference Validator: Status & next steps (June 9, 09:00*), presenting the tool that allows INSPIRE data providers and stakeholders to check the compliance of their metadata, datasets and services against the requirements of the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines;
  6. Data ecosystems for geospatial data (June 10, 14:00*) will investigate how Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) can evolve into data ecosystems to support the goals of digital government in Europe, discussing on relevant actors and their responsibilities, data value chains, emerging data sources and technical/architectural approaches;
  7. INSPIRE/API (June 11, 14:00*) will focus on the access and use of INSPIRE relevant data made available through APIs to be included within INSPIRE, allowing participants to experience and discuss the potential of this new technology through direct experimentation;
  8. EO4GEO/ELISE Vocabularies (June 11, 16:00*) will discuss how vocabularies and ontologies describing the geospatial and space fields could support the design of CVs and job profiles, the description of ongoing research and the research agendas of organisations, the documentation of location-enabled government processes and work processes in the academic and private sectors.

The workshops will aim at understanding better the relevance of location interoperability in the implementation of INSPIRE by discussing the relevant frameworks and solutions and the most interesting applications. Moreover, they will offer the opportunity to look at the latest evolutions of innovative ways of using data and digital solutions for policymaking and implementation for the benefit of achieving the sustainable development goals. This will help guide the future work on existing data legislation, in particular the INSPIRE Directive. The Conference will be an opportunity on how this legal framework can be developed further towards 2030.

Join us at the webinars of the INSPIRE 2020 Conference: Bringing sustainability and digitalisation together. We are just at the right moment to look to the future and pave the sustainable way for the future through co-creating on location intelligence and data ecosystems.

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*Please note that the times of all webinars are given in CEST (UTC+2).

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