LIFO 2019 Factsheets and State of Play

LIFO 2019 Factsheets and State of Play now available on Joinup!

Published on: 01/10/2020
Last update: 29/06/2021

The Location Interoperability Framework Observatory (LIFO) is a domain-specific observatory relating to location interoperability, developed in the framework of the ELISE (European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government) action under the ISA2 Programme.

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It provides a tool to monitor, assess and report on the state of play of location interoperability in Member States' digital government programmes. (For further details please refer to the Location Interoperability Framework Observatory (LIFO)

Thanks to the outstanding contributions from 10 countries involved in the LIFO 2019 data collection (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal), ELISE is now publishing the LIFO 2019 Country Factsheets and European State of Play Report, presenting the information collected on location interoperability in the participating countries in 2019.

Each Country Factsheet contains an overview of the implementation of the EULF Blueprint recommendations in the different focus areas and a selection of best practices, which highlight initiatives and applications demonstrating the benefits of a consistent use and integration of location information in digital public services. The LIFO 2019 European State of Play Report provides an overview of the level of location interoperability in all ten countries, identifying major trends in the domain. This report aims to describe the overall level of location interoperability and convergence with the EULF Blueprint in Europe.

Click here to check out the LIFO 2019 Factsheets and State of Play.

ELISE has commenced LIFO 2020 data collection, with the goal to ensure continuity to the monitoring of geospatial interoperability, started in the LIFO 2019 data collection. Eighteen countries have already confirmed their participation in LIFO Wave 2 and we are always looking for more countries to participate! If you are interested to know more on the LIFO and how to contribute towards the LIFO 2020 data collection please send an email to the following addresses: