Survey on the use of AI in the public sector launched!

Have your say until the 15th of MAY on the use of AI in the public sector!

Published on: 30/03/2021
Last update: 13/04/2021

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Participate in the survey on Artificial Intelligence (AI) use in the public sector! 

Who fills the survey Why filling the survey Who fills the survey
 Anyone working for public sector bodies acquainted with an AI-enabled solution at its institution. To better understand the use and impact of AI in the public sector.  

By filling the survey before the 15th May. It will take only 20 minutes!


The survey will help preparing a roadmap in support of the use of Artificial Intelligence by Public Administrations in Europe. It aims to gather data about the objectives, driving factors, challenges and impact of any AI-enabled solution applied in the Public Sector that anybody from the public sector bodies is aware of, either by direct involvement or by affiliation. 

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Reaching out to a wide range of potential respondents is important to allow the extrapolation of sound evidence and reliable results.

Please help us by inviting relevant contacts to take part in the survey and send it to

  • The contact points/your peers in the different departments within your Government 
  • Your Peer Representatives/contacts at the regional level 
  • Your Peer Representatives/contacts representing cities and communities at the local level 

We thank you in advance for your collaboration! 


Who launches this survey? How the results will be distributed? What is an AI-enabled solution? What is in it for me? Check out the survey Frequently Asked Questions!


This survey is part of the peer learning exercise agreed between the Member States and the European Commission in the  Coordinated Plan on AI - COM(2018) 795, within the ‘AI Watch’, the European Commission’s knowledge service on artificial intelligence, and the ISA² ELISE  action.

AI Watch

AI Watch is the European Commission Knowledge for policy initiative monitoring Artificial Intelligence in Europe. It provides a number of analyses necessary to monitor and facilitate the implementation of the European Strategy for AI. More specifically AI WATCH monitors:

  • the industrial, technological and research capacity,
  • policy initiatives in the Member States 
  • the uptake and technical developments of Artificial Intelligence and
  • its impact on the economy, society and public services.

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ELISE action activities on Artificial Intelligence in the public sector

ELISE is the action of the European Interoperability programme ISA² aiming to break down barriers and promote a coherent and consistent approach to the sharing and reuse of location data across sectors and borders, in the context of the digital transformation of public services.

Check out how ELISE is contributing to Artificial Intelligence in the public sector in the dedicated page: Artificial Intelligence in the public sector.