Best Practice 1

Best Practice 1 - A digital platform for location data in Flanders
Country: Belgium
Policy domain: Agriculture & Spatial planning
Process owners: Agency for Information Flanders (AGIV)
Short description: In 2013 the Flemish government launched GeoPunt. The aim of the Geopunt project is to bridge the gap between shared location data infrastructure and end users. The platform makes available authentic government, INSPIRE and other data through a partnership between Government, Businesses and Citizens. It bridges the gap with end users by enabling the creation of custom-tailored tools for different types of users with different levels of geo-maturity. In essence there are four components that allow tailoring: The Portal, Plugins, MAP APIs and Webservices API.

Recommendations: Policy and Strategy Alignment (1, 4); Digital Government Integration (6, 8); Standardisation and Reuse (12); Return on Investment (1416); Governance, Partnerships and Capabilities (18)


Nature of documentation: Technical report