Best Practice 41

Best Practice 41 - Public-private partnership for development and release of the hydrological elevation model
Country: Denmark
Policy domain: Flood management
Level of government: National
Process owners: Danish Nature Agency (board of the Ministry of the Environment and Food)
Short description: The hydrological elevation model, made available free of charge by the Danish Nature Agency, can be used to calculate where the water flows in the event of a cloudburst and storm surge. Among other things, the model helps municipalities with climate adaptation plans. The development and release of the model is an example of successful partnership between the public and private sector. Forsikring & Pension, the association of Danish insurance companies and pension funds, has contributed DKK 1 million to develop the model, in view of the common interest in helping to limit water damage, thus preventing too high insurance premiums for insurance clients and too high compensations for the insurance companies.

Recommendations: Digital Government Integration (6, 8); Governance, Partnerships and Capabilities (18)


Nature of documentation: Technical report