Best Practice 45

Best Practice 45 - Common Services BUILD
Country: Norway
Policy domain: Construction
Process owners: Directorate for Building Quality

Short description: Common Services BUILD (Fellestjenester BYGG) is a toolkit for service providers in the ICT industry who want to develop commercial application solutions for building applications for both professional and public users. With the help of Common Services BUILD, all digital building applications will come to the municipalities in a common format and appearance regardless of which application system is selected. 

Common Services BUILD offers automatic control of a building application before submission to the municipality. In addition, it supports digital dissemination of applications and further dialogue between the applicant and the municipality in connection with the processing of the application.

Recommendations: Policy and Strategy Alignment (5); Digital Government Integration (6, 8); Standardisation and Reuse (12); Governance, Partnerships and Capabilities (18)


Nature of documentation: Technical report