Best Practice 47

Best Practice 47 - IDE-OTALEX
Country: Portugal / Spain
Policy domain: Territorial cohesion
Level of government: National

Process owners: IDE-OTALEX was a project financed by the European programme INTERREG III A aimed at building the cross-border spatial data infrastructure between Portugal (Alentejo and Centro regions) and Spain (Extremadura region).

IDE-OTALEX was implemented to share official geographic information with all users and to contribute to territorial cohesion, one of the three main pillars of the European Cohesion Policy.

The location information available in the infrastructure is the result of extensive work of data harmonisation based on INSPIRE Directive and integration of basic cartography, socio-economic and environmental indicators.

Although the IDE-OTALEX project ran from 2006-13 and is now closed, it contains useful lessons for projects of a similar type (see publication link).

Recommendations: Policy and Strategy Alignment (4); Digital Government Integration (6, 7); Governance, Partnerships and Capabilities (18)


Nature of documentation: Technical report