Best Practice 48

Best Practice 48 - Interactive tool for geospatial presentation of statistical data (STAGE)
Country: Slovenia
Policy domain: Statistics, Various
Level of government: National
Process owners: Statistical Office of Slovenia
Short description: STAGE is an interactive tool for presenting and disseminating geospatial data. It provides users with interactive viewing of statistical content in the form of thematic maps at 10 spatial scales. Based on spatial queries, spatial units can be combined and statistics customised. All data are freely available in geospatial format (vector * .shp file) or in a thematic map and can be used in further spatial statistical analyses. The generated map displays can be accessed as a simple or embedded link. In terms of metadata and network services, STAGE follows the recommendations of the INSPIRE Directive.

Recommendations: Digital Government Integration (7, 9); Standardisation and Reuse (11, 12); Governance, Partnerships and Capabilities (19)


Nature of documentation: Technical report