Best Practice 84

Best Practice 84 - Widok monitoring portal
Country: Poland
Policy domain: e-Government
Level of government: National
Process owners: Ministry of Digitisation, National Institute of Telecommunications

Short description: Widok is a monitoring portal implemented to collect and analyse data on the use and performance of digital public services. The data collected include digital take-up, completion rates, user satisfaction, traffic statistics, cost per transaction and keywords  that bring users to websites via search engines.

The platform is being adapted to the needs and suggestions of Polish users, who can directly submit comments and requests for development of further services.

Widok aims to give digital service providers and policy makers indications on the most used and most effective digital services, as well as on emerging needs to address.

Recommendations: Digital Government Integration (8); Return on Investment (14); Governance, Partnerships and Capabilities (18)



Version: EULF Blueprint v5.1