Establishing a new baseline for monitoring the status of EU Spatial Data Infrastructure

Report: Establishing a new baseline for monitoring the status of EU Spatial Data Infrastructure: Experiences and conclusions from INSPIRE 2019 monitoring and reporting

Published on: 25/01/2021

The INSPIRE Directive, which aims to establish a pan-European Spatial Data Infrastructure for the purposes of EU environmental policies, requires Member States to monitor and report on the implementation status on an annual basis.

The way the INSPIRE monitoring and reporting process was performed in 2019 was driven by Commission Implementing Decision(EU) 2019/1372, which introduced the automated calculation of 19 new indicators through the direct use of the INSPIRE Geoportal and the INSPIRE Reference Validator to process the metadata harvested from Member States discovery services.


INSPIREMonitoringReportingThese indicators are grouped into 5 categories:

  • availability of spatial data and services,
  • conformity of metadata,
  • conformity of spatial data sets,
  • accessibility of spatial data sets through view and download services,and
  • conformity of network services. Most indicators are calculated as a percentage, thus providing a direct measure of performance and allowing also country-by-country comparisons.

For each indicator, this report provides a detailed description of the calculation method, the values achieved for all Member States and some summary statistics to capture the overall performance trends.

The results show that the status of INSPIRE implementation is very heterogeneous across the EU, with some countries performing well and some others still lagging behind. However, after 13 years from the entry into force of the Directive, there is no single country which has yet achieved full implementation according to the roadmap.

The accessibility of data sets through view or download services is on average only about 30%, while the conformity of metadata, data sets and network services varies between 30% and 45% on average. In addition to providing an objective snapshot of the current status of INSPIRE implementation, the results of 2019 monitoring and reporting represent a reliable baseline to monitor the evolution of the EU Spatial Data Infrastructure and its contribution to the European Green Deal data space in the years to come.


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