INSPIRE Validator v 1.0.8

New version of the INSPIRE Reference Validator

Published on: 20/11/2019

Started under ARE3NA and currently funded by ELISE, the INSPIRE Reference Validator solution is the tool used by EU Member States data providers to validate their resources (metadata, data sets and services) against the requirements set by the INSPIRE Directive.

It is also a key tool for INSPIRE coordinators, both at the national and European level, to monitor the progress of INSPIRE implementation, and for software providers to make sure their solutions are aligned with INSPIRE requirements.

A new version (v.1.0.8) of the INSPIRE Reference Validator has been just released. This version introduces new tests for INSPIRE WCS and SOS Download Services and for INSPIRE Discovery Services, which complement those already existing (metadata, WMS/WMTS View Services, WFS and ATOM Download Services, interoperable data sets in GML and Data Specifications for INSPIRE Annex I themes). The new version of the INSPIRE Reference Validator includes also a number of bug fixes and enhancements.

Validator New Features

The full changelog is available at this page, which provides also access to the source code and the documentation to build a Docker image for testing purposes.

The Validator can be accessed through both a web user interface and a REST API. More information is available here.

You are welcome to test the new version of the Validator; please report issues or suggest new features using the GitHub issue tracker.

To stay informed on the news about the INSPIRE Reference Validator, you can follow the 'TC-Validation' tag in the INSPIRE Community Forum.

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