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LIFO 2019 | Italy

LIFO 2019 Italy - Country Factsheet

Published on: 25/09/2020
Last update: 11/02/2022
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BackgroundItaly Factsheet 2019

The Location Interoperability Framework Observatory (LIFO) monitors the implementation of location interoperability good practices in European public administrations, based on the level of adoption of recommendations in the EULF Blueprint.

Overview of 2019 location interoperability status in Italy based on the information provided by Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AgID – Agency for Digital Italy), Databases and Open Data Unit.

LIFO 2019 Italy


This factsheets shows that Italy's scores are slightly below the European average across the five assessed focus areas of the EULF Blueprint, with only “Governance, Partnership and Capabilities” above the European average.

Italy performed slightly below the average in the focus areas “Policy and Strategy Alignment”, Digital Government Integration”, “Standardisation and Reuse” and “Return on Investment”.

In these focus areas, a larger margin of improvement is required, in particular for the use of location-enabled services and data for the provision of cross-sector and cross-border digital public services. 

In the “Governance, Partnership and Capabilities” focus area, Italy displays a particularly high score for the organisation of initiatives that raise awareness and develop geospatial skills. 

Italy has participated also in LIFO 2020. For the 2020 factsheet, click here.

LIFO index for 2019

The value of the overall LIFO index combining the scores for all focus areas, is 0.47. This compares with a European average of 0.54.  The factsheet describes in detail how the results in each focus area are composed.

Overall EULF Blueprint implementation for Italy

Additional information

For more details, download the factsheet in the attachment below.

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