Regional portal for seeking and recruiting temporary workers (Quick@work)

Published on: 06/06/2007
The public sector is facing great challenges in recruiting temporary workers especially in social & welfare services. Quickatwork was developed by six small cities in the Pirkanmaa region to help overcome these problems in recruitment. Persons seeking temporary work can leave their information and update it on a regular basis on the web and people in charge of recruitment can easily search for suitable applicants. The contacting procedure is done using SMS messages, which can be sent to suitable applicants simultaneously.

Policy Context

The service supports free movement of people and services regionally. The service is in line with Finnish legislation regarding security of personal information and goes well together with national strategies regarding provisions of employment opportunities.

Description of target users and groups

The six small cities have 100 000 inhabitants altogether and more than 6000 employees. The Quickatwork web/mobile service targets espacially students and other groups seeking part-time employment in the public sector. The region has approximately 300 000 inhabitants.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

We had a chairman / project leader and a representative from each of the six small cities in meetings and a supportive consulting partner (IT). Each of the six members represented different sectors in the cities (healthcare, social services, education etc) Multi-channel issues: Web and SMS messages go hand in hand.

Main results, benefits and impacts

The service has been received very well. Five months after the opening of the service we already had about a thousand applicants for 3000 different positions. Some six months after the launch we had ~200 temporary positions filled via the service. All the feedback has been very positive. Innovation: We built a web service and information system specifically for a very narrow purpose, the make the recruitment quicker and easier by providing a precise tool for the job that everyone can use.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Track record of sharing

Local and regional have shown great interest in the service and project and has also produced articles about the downsides of temporary work.

Lessons learnt

1) Keep it simple works. 2) Together we are stronger and more attractive (1+1+1+1+1+1 > 6). 3) Information can facilitate in making everyday work more effective and better, but only if we don't introduce unneccessary complexity with it. Scope: Local (city or municipality), Regional (sub-national)