Europass XML v3.1.2 Release

Europass XML v3.1.2 Release

Published on: 27/08/2014

The latest version of the Europass XML Schema—v3.1.2—has been officially released.

You can refer to the preview announcement as well as to the v3.1.2 XML Schema Documentation for further details.




The simple type "AddressFieldFormatPattern" is enriched with the enumeration type "s, m, z (c)" for countries such as the United Kingdom. As a result, the version of the address formats schema was changed to 1.3.0 (from 1.2.0).


Updated "xsd:include" to reflect the version change of the address formats schema:

<xsd:include schemaLocation="">

In addition, the simple type "OrderNames" is enriched with the following enumeration values:

  1. "Addressee Letter.SubjectLine Letter.OpeningSalutation Letter.Body Letter.Localisation Letter.ClosingSalutation"
  2. "Letter.SubjectLine Addressee Letter.OpeningSalutation Letter.Body Letter.Localisation Letter.ClosingSalutation"
  3. "FirstName Surname Title"
  4. "Surname FirstName Title"
  5. "Title FirstName Surname"
  6. "Title Surname FirstName"

The first two provide additional options for the overall layout and arrangement of the Cover Letter sections, e.g.:

<Field name="CoverLetter" show="true" order="Letter.SubjectLine Addressee Letter.OpeningSalutation Letter.Body Letter.Localisation Letter.ClosingSalutation"/>

The rest four define the order of Person Name elements in the Cover Letter's Addressee section. Apart from the First Name and Surname fields, the Title field is also included in the order mix. For example:

<Field name="CoverLetter.Addressee.PersonName" order="Title Surname FirstName"/>

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