Europass XML v3.3.0 Preview

Europass XML v3.3.0 Preview

Published on: 03/06/2015


A new version of the Europass XML Schema, v3.3.0, is planned to be released on Tuesday 23 June 2015. A high-level summary of the changes that took place in frames of this release can be found below:

  • Address format: The printing preferences that control the address format in various sections (personal information, work experiences/employer, education/organisation, Cover Letter/addressee) have been deprecated. The format of an address depends solely on this address' country, so the corresponding printing preferences are not needed anymore.
  • CL text alignment: A new printing preference has been added which controls the alignment of the text (left-aligned vs. justified) in the following three sections of the Europass Cover Letter: a) "Main content", b) "Closing salutation" c) "Enclosed".
  • Europass logo: It is now possible to remove the Europass logo from the generated documents (PDF, DOC and ODT) via a suitable printing preference in the XML.
  • ICT skills: Two new fields have been added to the "Computer skills" section of the Europass CV, which allow users to self-assess their skills in Information and Communication Technologies as well as provide details on related certificates and diplomas. They are very similar in nature to the "Self-assessment" and "Diploma(s) or certificate(s)" fields of the "Other languages" section.
  • Courses/Certifications: Two new categories have been added to the "Additional information" section of the Europass CV, namely "Courses" and "Certifications".
  • Languages: The languages taxonomy has been enriched with 41 new entries to support the use of sign languages.
  • Countries/Nationalities: Added "Kosovo" (code "XK") to the country and nationality taxonomies. Fixed typo in countries for "Kazakhstan".
  • Occupations: Fixed typos in entries with code 12311 and 32320.

For more detailed information you can consult the Changelog at the bottom of this post as well as the v3.3.0 XML Schema Documentation preview.


Preview Versions

Preview versions of the updated XML and JSON resources can already be accessed at the following URLs:

Please note that as soon as v3.3.0 is released, the latest resources will be available at the canonical URLs, namely and, while the v3.2.0 resources will be archived.


Backward Compatibility

The deprecation of the address format printing preferences might require special handling by applications that parse Europass XMLs.

More specifically, in order to upgrade a v3.2.0 Europass XML to v3.3.0, apart from changing the references to the XSD (i.e. xsi:schemaLocation and XSDVersion), you'll also need to remove any printing preferences that have to do with address formats - see Changelog below for details. This can be done easily either using the XML Upgrade endpoint of the Europass REST API or the latest XSLT (europass-cv-v3.2-to-v3.3.xsl) found here.

Please note that both the Europass Online Editor and the REST API remain backward compatible, so older XMLs can be uploaded to those two services without any problems.




  • Removed LearnerInfo.Identification.ContactInfo.Address enumeration from SimpleFieldNames.
  • Removed CoverLetter.Addressee.Organisation.ContactInfo.Address enumeration from CoverLetterFieldNames.
  • Changed pattern in WorkExperienceDetailFieldNames from LearnerInfo\.WorkExperience\[\d+\]\.(Period|Employer\.ContactInfo\.Address) to LearnerInfo\.WorkExperience\[\d+\]\.Period.
  • Changed pattern in EducationDetailFieldNames from LearnerInfo\.Education\[\d+\]\.(Period|Organisation\.ContactInfo\.Address) to LearnerInfo\.Education\[\d+\]\.Period.
  • Added CoverLetter.Justification enumeration to CoverLetterFieldNames.
  • Added justify attribute to DocumentPreferencesType.


Added EuropassLogo element to DocumentInfoType.


Added the new ComputerSkill.xsd.


  • Included the new ComputerSkill.xsd.
  • Changed type of Computer element in SkillSetType from GenericSkillType to ComputerSkillType.


  • Added courses enumeration to AchievementTypesEnumeration.
  • Added certifications enumeration to AchievementTypesEnumeration.


  • Changed xsd version from v1.7.0 to v1.8.0.
  • Changed restriction base from xsd:language to xsd:string.
  • Added 41 new enumerations to motherCode for sign languages.
  • Added 41 new enumerations to foreignCode for sign languages.


  • Changed xsd version from v1.5.0 to v1.6.0.
  • Added 27 new enumerations for "Kosovo" (XK code).
  • Fixed typo in en and fr translation of enumeration with value KZ ("Kazakhstan" instead of "Kazakstan").


  • Changed xsd version from v1.5.0 to v1.6.0.
  • Added 27 new enumerations for "Kosovar" (XK code).


  • Changed xsd version from v1.3.0 to v1.4.0.
  • Fixed typo in el translation of enumeration with value 32320 ("Μαία" started with the latin capital letter m instead of the greek capital letter μ).
  • Fixed typo in de translations of enumeration with value 12311 "Verwaltunsleiter" instead of "Verwaltungsleiter" and "Verwaltunsleiterin" instead of "Verwaltungsleiterin".

City/Location: Thessaloniki, Greece