Green-IT Strategy, Governance and Maturity Model (GIT)

Published on: 16/02/2009

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For many people, Green-IT equals to data centers optimisation; but even if greening the data centers is an urgent imperative, Green-IT is far broader than that. It also concerns areas like office automation infrastructure, end-user practices, IT procurement, CSR and the use of ICT as a way to reduce the CO2 footprint. On the other hand, more and more environmental regulations are into force and questions come from the Board, the CEO and the CFO, putting more pressure on the IT department.

The Green-IT Strategy, Governance and Maturity Model permits to show, measure and control the contribution of the IT department to the organisations commitments to reduce ICT waste, energy consumption, C02 footprint and to reduce costs.

Our initial assessment determines the maturity level (0 to 5) of the organisation regarding Green IT.

Key points:
- We look at Green-IT from a pure Strategy & Governance perspective; maximising return for the stakeholders and managing risks,
- We are in line with standards and best practices like the ones recommended by Green Grid and the European Commission,
- We offer a step by step approach meaning that the costs incurred for green initiatives remain under control,
- We put a Green leverage on the standard methodologies: CobIT, Val IT and ITIL v3,
- We minimise risk by anticipating upcoming laws and regulations.

Policy Context

Our Green-It Strategy, Governance and Maturity Model is fully aligned with recommendations from Green Grid, Energy Star and the EU Code of Conduct for data centers.

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Description of the way to implement the initiative

We propose to start a Green-It Strategy, Governance and Maturity project with two complementary activities:

  • performing a Green-IT Quick scan
  • drafting a Green-IT Roadmap

Other activities like organising awareness sessions, Green indicators monitoring, Green-IT processes development and implementation, Green-RFP are optional.

Technology solution

We have enhanced "greened" IT Governance standards like CobIT, Val-IT and ITIL V3.

Technology choice: Proprietary technology, Standards-based technology, Mainly (or only) open standards

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Approaching Green-IT through a pure Strategy, Governance and Maturity point of view has allowed to see that:

  • The Green-IT maturity is still very low,
  • EU regulations and laws must be put into force,
  • Organisations are far most interested in cost cuttings than lowering their CO2 footprint.
Scope: International