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FLOOD-serv project: Public FL…

FLOOD-serv project: Public FLOOD Emergency and Awareness SERVice – 2nd Newsletter Issue now available!

Published on: 05/04/2017
FLOOD-serv project ( is an EU co-funded project which started in August 2016 and will be running for 36 months. It aims to provide a complete solution for flood awareness, response actions as well as education regarding flood risks. Through the use of different mobile technologies, the project will make information available in a transparent manner in order to increase the openness of ICT-based technology platforms in the public sector.    The consortium consists 12 partners coming from municipalities, institutions, companies and NGO based in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.   The general objectives of FLOOD-serv are:
  • To empower local communities to directly take part in the design of emergency services that deal with danger reduction actions for floods
  • To utilize the power of new technologies, such as social media and mobile technologies, in order to increase the public awareness and education regarding flood-risks, effects and impacts
  • To develop and implement -cost effective and environmentally friendly- risk reduction actions related to floods through an ICT-enabled cooperation of all stakeholders (government, private sector, NGOs and other civil society organizations as well as citizens).
The project plans to conduct a number of pilots in various locations throughout its duration:
  • Genova, Italy
  • Danube Delta, Romania
  • Bilbao, Spain
  • Bratislava Self-Governing Region, Slovakia
  • Ave Valley Region, Portugal
The pilots aim to link citizens, public authorities and other stakeholders in an effort to create supportive communities that can act as one in the battle against adverse flood effects.   In the second Newsletter Issue of FLOOD-serv you will be informed about:
  • Workshops that took place in the pilot cities
  • Media coverage of the FLOOD-serv project
  • Latest FLOOD-serv project News
You can find the current Newsletter Issue at:   For any further information, FLOOD-serv can be contacted at:  

City/Location: Athens