Green-Economy: Correct and ef…

Green-Economy: Correct and efficient waste management in the cities

Published on: 09/03/2016

Traditionally the waste produced in the cities has been a source of pollution, and the administration has the need to solve this problem, protecting the environment, the citizens wellbeing and making sustainable the consume of natural resources within their production process.


The challenge is the developing projects destinies to integrate within the chain process production in the cities and the industries with the capability to reduce the waste, recycling this materials, and producing energy resources and new rows materials. This context can be a good opportunity to apply some technological advances produced in the last years in the innovation field.

In the actual situation is necessary high capital investments for made possible the development of this kind of project, and its necessary a thinking change about the need to make sustainable our development model with the protection of our natural resources, although this kind of measurement doesn't supposes high benefits in a short time space. The truth benefits are in the legate transmission to the future generations in the best possible conditions, because without actions we cannot obtain results.


Actually, they are different mechanism to obtain founding across the administration destinies to develop this kind of projects, with the time the governments and the different administrations are changing theirs goals, trying to promove different initiatives related with the protection environment don't destinies to generate high economics revenues. However, this kind of actuations can provide with the time other type of benefits for the health and the wellbeing of the people and the sustainability of the natural resources obviously. The key is the finding the indirect benefits for made possible the viability of this kind of projects, in contrast to obtain economics benefits in the short time space, with other development projects.


The natural resources are limited, and in the actuality we are started to be immersed in a global natural resource crisis. The efficient use of the resources can large their life, actives recycling measurement and a correct waste and water-waste management, can help to combat this global crisis locally, appearing in the market new technical solutions as a result of research and innovation of different entities, publics and privates. The mission of the governance in this context must be the develop this kind of solutions, changing the actual model, walking to the named green model. In this innovation field, its possible to develop different kind of projects applied to the development of the cities, destinies to the deployment of waste markets for second life products, the use of the information and communications technologies to the development of platforms destinies of the waste management, improving the collection, recovery and recycling ratios and reducing the environmental impact, or the creation of biomass plants for energy production or biofuels production using municipal waste, but firstly one the problem that it necessary to solve in the actual context of crisis economic are the highest investment necessaries to move this research projects to the practice in the building of the new modern smart cities.