Green-Economy: Innovation app…

Green-Economy: Innovation applied to protect the environment

Published on: 09/03/2016

In contrast to the thinking about the environment protection and the building of an EU industry more competitive are enemies, nowadays we have the need to innovate our technologies, processes and business models with the aim to achieve a better use of our natural resources more efficiently.


The way to change our actual model is walking to a low-carbon economy. Doing that will require fundamental changes in production and responsible consumption, reducing the pressure on the environment. Eco-industries can help us to achieve our goals, preventing and correcting environmental damage and solving problems like noise and damage to ecosystems. They make a vital contribution in sectors like waste and waste-water management, renewable energy sources, air pollution and sustainable construction.


They are an opportunity trying to innovate in the industry and production section, in different areas and different kind of projects of agriculture, fisheries, building, chemicals, electric, electronics, optical, vehicles, food, plastic, paper and textile with the final aim to minimize the impact of our consume economy and the climate change in the environment, making more sustainable in the time ours natural resources.