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Participatory E-Government in Austria

Published on: 25/02/2008 Document Archived
Since 2005 the Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ abbr) has elaborated specific IT-solutions in the field of e-Democracy. The result is the so-called "Participatory E-Government" program that allows for an extended approach and currently comprises three different fields: Citizen participation in formal procedures, E-Voting and E-Participation. This successful method of combining research and actual application should also be followed in the future.

Main results, benefits and impacts

Since 2005 projects have been implemented and experience has been gained in three work areas: research, development and implementation. Some examples: - Opinion poll on the e-democracy-attitude of decision makers in the Austrian public sector - Study on authorisation procedures and citizen participation in Austria - Development of a 3-stage-model for citizen participation: "seidabei", "E-Generation", "", "" - Online consultation: "AOE-Umfrage" - Online suggestion scheme: “E-Contest” - Survey on E-Voting (market surveys, studies on operations and security)

Return on investment

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Lessons learnt

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