Participatory Knowledge for Supporting Decision Making Study

Published on: 20/10/2016

The study on participatory knowledge for supporting decision making in EU Institutions and Member States was commissioned by the Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) Programme of the European Commission, in the context of its Action 2.18 on consolidating and integrating reusable tools for EU public participation.
The scope of the study covered participatory knowledge for decision-making practices, methodologies and tools used by EU Institutions and Member States.
The study was designed to identify and specify the business cases for reusable solutions with the most value and impact for European public administrations on participatory knowledge for decision making (commonly referred to as eParticipation), with the goal of ensuring that the voice and opinions of citizens are not only heard, but are also processed and analysed, thus leading to new knowledge which can fuel data-driven policy-making.


The objectives of the study were:

  • Identifying the technology needs of public administrations when acquiring stakeholders’ opinions as a driving force for open governments. Similarly, this study also aimed to cooperate with policy DGs of the European Commission and with the European Parliament in defining their technology needs for shifting towards data-driven decision making processes, including policy-making;
  • Identifying good practices and making them available to EU Member State administrations and EU institutions, thus allowing for collaboration, transparency and participation.
  • Consolidating and integrating open and reusable software solutions that support the interactive knowledge sharing and allow the elicitation of citizens’ opinions and perception which is hidden in tacit knowledge. By leveraging on participation and motivation of citizens, such tools can contribute to better informed decisions and improve legitimacy of the policy-making.


The enclosed documents present information about every stage of the study, such as bussiness cases, final report among others.

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