Stakeholder Feedback Analysis Tool Study

Published on: 20/10/2016

The Stakeholder Feedback Analysis Tool study purpose is to analyse how a tool can be used in the process of analysing information coming from different types of stakeholders as a support for the decision making process. It is funded by the ISA programme and has three strategic objectives:


Objective 01: to cooperate with Member States and related networks in order to better identify the technology needs of public administrations when acquiring stakeholders’ opinions as a driving force for open governments. Similarly, this action shall also cooperate with Policy DGs in defining their needs in shifting towards data-driven decision making processes;


Objective 02: to assess different assets that are currently available for making them accessible, thus allowing for collaboration, transparency and participation;


Objective 03: to consolidate and integrate open and reusable software solutions that will support interactive knowledge sharing and will allow the elicitation of citizens’ opinions and perceptions which is hidden in tacit knowledge. By leveraging on participation and motivation of citizens, such tools can contribute to better informed decisions and improved legitimacy of policy making.


The enclosed documents present additional information about the project, such as the requirements, architecture design among others.


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