Published on: 05/01/2010
Our challenge was to create a platform that would help make the European Union decision-formation process more participative, more transparent and more efficient. We wanted to use this tool to consult 150,000 European citizens in six languages, asking them: "What areas in your daily life should the EU focus its energies on?” ‘’ web service is a platform that allowed citizens to: enter their own proposal as free-form answers. Moreover, it provided citizens with peer evaluation tools to prioritise proposals of other people and automated analysis tools to combine multi-lingual qualitative and quantitative input given by the participants.

Technology solution

Web service software developed by Fountain Park Ltd ( Technology choice: Proprietary technology, Open source software

Main results, benefits and impacts

153,479 participants, 12,092 proposals, 123,980 proposal evaluations and 576,914 proposal views and 8,660 mentions (according to Google) about the project in blogs, discussion forums, and new sites.

Track record of sharing

Lessons learnt

The data is particularly valuable as it highlighted both individuals’ queries and group queries in quantifiable cross-sections of society. Citizens' feedback was very positive. Full results are available here: Scope: Pan-European