E-Democracy and Role of Mass…

E-Democracy and Role of Mass Media in Open Government


The media is playing a vital role in information which affects the normal human being in its day-to-day functioning and also keeps in informed about national and internationals matters. 

In EDemocracy where the Government is for the people and by the people the public opinion is an important aspect. It is the job of media to put these opinions in light with strength and truthfulness and to make them inform about the Government policies and functioning.


But the quality and responsibility of people cannot be underestimated. This is the responsibility of the people to participate in Government policies and that must inquisitive. In immature democracies public opinions has to be generated and some agencies are required to work for this. Media can serve and fill these requirements of effective mobilization of national opinions. This is the only way through which a Democracy can be survived.

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Thu, 26/02/2015 - 08:20

Has there been an update to the information presented in this Communication? I am late responding, but have an interest in the topic. Perhaps I could assist in discussing the scope, relevance, and applicabiity to improved citizen service.

- Bob Deller

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