Online surveys - EUSurvey now…

Online surveys - EUSurvey now available on JOINUP!

Published on: 18/09/2014

EUSurvey, the new tool for creating online surveys, is replacing IPM. It comes up with a different user interface, offering additional features and several enhancements, improving the usability and stability of the software.

The main new features include the modification of your form after publication, the usage of a global password for secured surveys, the possibility of sending out invitations directly from the application as well as the publication of all your submitted answers (or a sub-set) on a dedicated webpage within the application.

You will find the full list with new features and improvements in the release note, available in the EUSurvey communications section on JOINUP. For further details about the different functionalities, please consult the EUSurvey documentation at


More information about the EUSuvey software is available on Joinup at


Should you have further questions about EUSurvey, please contact us at