SK: More efficient processing…

SK: More efficient processing of election results

Published on: 18/03/2014

IVIS was first successfully applied in previous regional elections. The system provides electronic services for the preparation of elections, referendums and votes for the collection and processing of results, as well as the presentation of interim and final results. Is usable for all elections and referendums, and is applicable in all stages of preparation and implementation process. From setting up elections, the creation of regional structures and accompanying documents to the collection, processing and distribution of election results. Previously, it was necessary for each type of election to have specific software. The benefit of IVIS is not only in facilitating the work of the experts summarizing the services and the processing the election results, but also the elimination of errors in the preparation and processing of ballots, or logical errors in the results of precinct commissions. Publication of the first unofficial results are approximately half to three quarters of an hour after the conclusion of the polling stations. Result of the 5958 electoral wards will be handled by 530 computers. Presentation of results of the elections of the President will be provided on and


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