EUSurvey 1.5.1

2 years ago

Release of the 12 November 2020

1. New features & Improvements
Please see below the new features and improvements which have been added:

  • New Slider question element (combined with Number into Number-Slider).
  • New Time question element to collect time values.
  • New feature for sending automatically confirmation emails to the survey respondents.
  • New feature to blank answers of a specific question (useful for data protection).
  • New option on the Results screen to delete all results for a specific question.
  • Add Asc-Desc sorting arrows for the Survey Search.
  • The behaviour of ‘Add new translation’ dialog box has been improved.
  • Addition of a disclaimer for the use of the eTranslation service.
  • Addition of a global filter ‘My surveys’ on the Dashboard.
  • Addition of Date Pickers for filtering on results page.
  • For Quiz survey, the score obtained for each question appears in the contribution.
  • Improvement of the language selector.
  • Improvement of the Guest List.
  • Error pages have been reviewed and updated.
  • Deactivation of invitation link when contact has been removed from guest-list.
  • Help messages are now only shown when the user has clicked on the icon.

2. Predefined list

  • Update and rename the 'Commission DGs' predefined list into 'Departments & Executive agencies'.

3. Bug fixes
As usual, many bug have been fixed. Below a short selection:

  • ‘Gaelic’ language has been changed into ‘Irish’ as requested by DGT.
  • Fixed a bug regarding questions unexpectedly reordered.
  • Fixed a visual bug that occurred on small screens.
  • Fixed a bug about multiple languages displayed in Draft emails.

4. API / XML generated

  • Update of the API specifications document
  • Addition of the specifications for the new Question Element TIME