Australian Government - Contractual Framework and Templates, SourceIT Model Contracts & SourceIT Plus

Published on: 15/01/2018
Australian Government - Contractual Framework and Templates, SourceIT Model Contracts & SourceIT Plus




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The Government Information Technology and Communications (GITC) contractual framework, initially established in 1991, is a set of terms and conditions that Australian Government agencies may use to create contracts for ICT procurement.

The GITC was originally introduced to support ICT procurement processes at a time when knowledge and experience in ICT purchasing was at a developmental stage.

In a second time, The GITC4 framework was reviewed in the light of changes to the general procurement environment since its initial development. The review showed, among other things, that there was a strong interest in some form of model contracts for use with government ICT procurement. The Government announced the following actions arising from the review:
• First, a series of model contracts would be developed that were tailored to the different elements of ICT procurement, such as hardware, software development, software licensing or managed services.
• Second, the GITC web site would be redeveloped to improve its user-friendliness and to enhance support to users of the model contracts.
• Third, during the period of implementation of these outcomes, the GITC Helpline would be maintained to support those using the GITC.

Analyzing in detail the model contracts, we noticed that model contracts provide templates for Commonwealth entities to develop sound commercial agreements efficiently and effectively.

In particular, the model contracts are distinguish for:
• Simple procurement, conducted in an environment where routines, methods and procedures are well established and designed for: ◦ Hardware Acquisition and Maintenance;
◦ Licence and Support - Commercial off-the-shelf Software;
◦ Licence (not covering support) - Commercial off-the-shelf Software;
◦ ICT Consultancy Services.

• Semi-complex procurement, in which more preparation needs to be carried out and designed for: ◦ consultancy services;
◦ system integration and software development.

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