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The Government of Malta has adopted the definitions and direction proposed by the European Interoperability Framework (EIF), and defines "Open specifications" (informally referred to as Open Standards) are formalised specifications which within the context of Public services delivery, are characterised by the following features:

-        All stakeholders have the same possibility of contributing to the development of the specification and public review is part of the decision-making process;

-        The specification is available for everybody to study;

-        Intellectual property rights related to the specification are licensed on FRAND terms or on a royalty-free basis in a way that allows implementation in both proprietary and open source software.

As claimed in the "Interoperability and Open Specifications Policy", the intentions of Government are to strive in ensuring that maximum benefit is derived from all technology investments. In this regard, Open Specifications have been identified as key enablers to implement flexible, re-usable and interoperable ICT resources.

How are Open Standards adopted within MITA?

MITA is giving the public sector, business community and the general public the opportunity to request the inclusion of formalised specifications within the Adopted Specifications list.

The figure below summaries the adoption process:

Specifications need to be evaluated against a number of criteria mostly falling within the following categories:

1.       Level of Openness;

2.       Relevance to the business context;

3.       Market support;

4.       Impact assessment;

A resource pack including an adoption procedureadoption guidelines, and request form template, is available on the GMICT Policy web page to assist requesters in formulating their recommendation at the required level of detail.

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