The Municipality of Alingsås - Open standards & FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)

The Municipality of Alingsås - Open standards & FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)




Municipality of Alingsås

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In Sweden there is an oligopoly of companies selling ICT products to the municipalities and a lock-in situation (also because of language barriers). By using open source it is possible to use software developed from other places.

The Swedish National Procurement Services - has published a list of open standards. All standards on this list can be implemented in software provided under different licenses, both proprietary and FLOSS.

Additionally, the Kivos - 'Kommunsamverkan i Väst för Open Source'- and the Open Jämtland are two regional organisations coordinating interoperability and open standards issues for their respective municipalities. Both promote the use of open source software and open standards by public agencies as well as software vendors, and enable and deploy open source based solutions for local government.

The network also advocates for open software requirement into the public procurement process - which is the choice of the Alingsås municipality - and it allows the reduction of the administrative burden with respect to open tenders.

It does this by disseminating information and experiences on the deployment of open solutions among municipalities and other government organisations, by stimulating the demand for open source software and promoting the inclusion of open standards in the requirements for the procurement of information systems, and by cooperating with universities and colleges on issues of open source and open standards.

Municipality of Alingsås






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