SAGA: Standards and Architectures for eGovernment Applications





The German Commission of the Federal Government for IT

Short Description

Modern e-government calls for interoperable information and communication systems which (ideally) interact smoothly. Simple and clear-cut standards and specifications help to achieve interoperability of information and communication systems. SAGA identifies the necessary standards, formats and specifications, it sets forth conformity rules and updates these in line with technological progress.

The aim is to achieve more interoperability, scalability, reusability, platform independence and thus to reduce costs and risks by use of these applications. These documents are intended to cover all relevant aspects of eGovernment and the applications used therein.

The SAGA version de.bund 5-0 consists of the following modules:

  1. SAGA module Basics de.bund 5.1.0
  2. SAGA module Conformity de.bund 5.1.0
  3. SAGA module Technical Specifications de.bund 5.0.0

The SAGA module "Basics" describes the objectives, framework, principles, and processes for creating and updating of SAGA. 

The SAGA module "Conformity" explains how the SAGA conformity of software can be backed up.

In SAGA module "Technical Specifications" are explained the actual requirements and recommendations of IT specifications for new and existing software systems, products and custom developments.

External links and documents

Saga Website:;jsessionid=A183FA7435C2C7E063B7A1CB7EC1E450.2_cid334

Saga module basics:

Saga module conformity:

Saga module technical specifications: 

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