SIRIP: State Information Resource Interoperability Platform

Published on: 16/01/2018




Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Short Description

SIRIP (State Information Resource Interoperability Platform) is the Lithuanian interoperability platform that offers an easy way for public authorities to design, deliver and manage e-services. Many e-services can be streamlined and made available in a user friendly one-stop-shop portal to citizens, business entities and civil servants.

SIRIP is based on separate components that serve specific purposes. The communication between these components is implemented using open standard technologies - XML for data structures, WS-S for data security, XML Signature for data integrity. Whenever possible, web-services are preferred to other means of interoperability, enabling each of the SIRIP logical components to be deployed and scaled independently.

Furthermore, it is technologically possible to host SIRIP components in public cloud services using agreed schemes for all components.

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