The Swedish National Police: How to avoid locking yourself in while saving money

Published on: 16/01/2018




Swedish National Police

Short Description

This case study provides an example of a public authority undertaking a full business appraisal to move away from a proprietary system. A 2009 study by investigated the overhaul of the Swedish National Police ICT server infrastructure to move from proprietary to open source software and hardware. The overhaul concerned:

  1.             the application server,
  2.             the database,
  3.             the operating system of the servers,
  4.             the CPUs of the servers.

The changeover was the result of a comprehensive case study made in 2006 following realisation that the use of proprietary products created lock-in and was expensive. The study found that using open source products and open standards would reduce lock-in and consequently the total cost of ownership from €40m to €21m over 2006-2011, in addition to improving performance.

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