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100 % web-based eProcurement system (OPICTen)

Published on: 29/12/2008 Document Archived
OPIC tendsign is the leading e-Procurement system in Sweden, with more then 60 customers from the public sector. OPIC tendsign is a 100 % web-based e-Procurement system which is direct connected to the TED publishing. The purchaser or the supplier doesn`t need any installation at all when using the system. In this system you are working with web-based database specifications. The suppliers answer directly on-line. The system follows a natural process through the whole procurement. The system has five important head blocks, which are: Planning: At this block you create a time plan, template groups, select types of procurement, contract form etc. At all steps you have a reminder function. Specifications and templates: At this block you build up your electronic specification. You can also use finished templates. If you want you can also choose to attach word files, PDF-file or excel etc. It`s up to you as purchaser. Advertising and competitor survey: From this block you advertise with a direct connection to TED and other publicly accessible databases. All this functions is automatically integrated In the system. Electronic handling of queries, responses and supplements. Tendering: Individual tender accounts for suppliers. Guaranteed response to compulsory requirements. You can`t miss answering questions without warning from the system. Evaluation, awards and contracts: Locking of tenders prior to opening. Automatically created opening protocols. Transparent and simple evaluation and rating. Contract created subsequent to evaluation, and data conveyed to contract.

Description of target users and groups

OPIC tendsign Is an e-procurment system for all type of purchasers. The system has 10 separate modules. The systems major target group is the public sector, therfore the system Is accommodated for this group. But the system also has a process only for the private sector. Today we are the leading e-procurement system in sweden, with over 60 customers from the public sector.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

OPIC tendsign is the leading e-procurement system In sweden, with over 60 customers from the public sector. The system is owend, sold and developed by the company OPIC Systems AB.

Technology solution

OPIC tendsign is a 100 % web-based e-procurement system, one of the major benefits for the system. You dont need any Installation at all to manage the system. You can work with your procurement projects from the whole world, the only thing you need is a computer and a connection to the Internet. Technology choice: Open source software

Main results, benefits and impacts

There are many reasons why purchasers should start to use a 100 % web-based e-procurement system. Down here you will find a few examples of good benefits with OPIC tendsign: * Full traceability - All information you put in to the system stays there, for as long as you want it to stay. * Independent - You can work in the system from the whole world, you only need a computer and an Internet connection. * Save time - When you build up your specification elctronically, you receive all answers directly into the system. This saves you a lot of time when you work with the evaluation. For example, when you open the tenders in the system, It takes you about one minute to open the whole procurement . If you do this the traditional way, it takes you about 4-8 ours/procurement. * Visible your contract - The system has a very well handling of awards. This opens the possibility to raise the contract loyalty among all the buyers.

Return on investment

Return on investment: €1,000,000-5,000,000

Track record of sharing

OPIC tendsign is the leading e-procurement system in sweden, with over 60 customers from the public sector. The system is owned, sold and developed by the company OPIC Systems AB. Last year we were awarded contract withThe SwedishTax Agency. We have about 40 municipalities that use our system since 5 years ago. An increasing number of our customer no longer accept tenders on paper. All tenders have to go through the system.

Lessons learnt

* A good system is a qualification to success, but you also have to think about having a good support and education staff for your system! * Explain what 100 % web-based means to you, It`s not certain that all companies share the same view! * Don`t build an e-procurement system without listening to your customer, it`s very easy that the system become to technical if you don`t listen to the end users. Scope: International, National